The Difference Envision Makes in Costa Rica

Envision is a Leave No Trace Event

Since 2011 the festival, which takes place in Costa Rica’s Southern Pacific coast, has taken a mission to be more than just a music event. Making the difference in many areas.

Staff working on first edition of Envision back on 2011

Andres Vargas is a proud «tico» that works with Envision since 2014. Andres lives in Bahía Ballena, Osa and gets involved with local government and CATUOSA (Osa’s Tourism Chamber) to promote changes like elimination of single use of plastic. During his childhood he grew in the province of Limon, dreamed on learning different languages and interacting with people from all over the world. He wanted to make a difference and change people lives, with Envision he has been able to do so.

Andres Vargas working with CATUOSA

Known as a country that hosts such a rich natural diversity, Costa Rica has to be leader of good practices so we can maintain these intact. Envision has given a statement to end single use, an effort that seeks the “leave no trace” motto.

Leave No Trace

What are the logistics behind ending single use at Envision?

«Teaching others is always our goal. The commerce inside Envision campgrounds do not serve or sell any single use plastic, we use 100% compostable or reusable. Most of our attendees brings their own bottle and tableware.» Andres Vargas

Local Vendor At Envision

Rancho La Merced is home for Envision. You will find this special location between Dominical and Uvita . 9 years have passed since this festival was born, influencing the community in a positive way.

Night falls at Rancho La Merced

How does Envision influences in the local community?

Envision influences the community in so many ways.

Andres Vargas
Andres Vargas & Son, two warriors of Mother Nature

The most relevant is the increase of tourism during the month of February. Restaurants, hotels, transportation and supermarkets have a peak on sales. Attendees stay in the area from 5 to 7 days and even for the whole month in some cases.

Campsite at Envision

Annual beach clean up in Osa also makes a difference. Locals have been cleaning 6 different beaches. That is about 20 kilometers of beach! A group of 95 local volunteers help make this happen, they are given a 4 days ticket to have a staff that works shifts to cover 24 hours during the event days.


Envision 2019 Playlist 

The Envision experience comes along with top artists that go from painters, yoga sessions, workshops and of course great music.

Workshops at Envision

Many are the artists that have amazed attendees, a mixture of rhythms and styles. But there are some hidden talent behind the festival and those are people like Andres Vargas. They not only host Envision but also make a difference in our beautiful Costa Rica.

«The most unforgettable experience at Envision was to be in the middle of 7000 people and not finding any garbage on the floor…respect between everyone and the big love for the environment is so great.» Andres Vargas

Envision 2019 Full Lineup

The respect and the love is one of the best things that you can find if you come to Envision Festival. – Andres Vargas

Thanks Andres for your efforts!

Envision Playlist

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